Dear Families,

We have decided to go all virtual!

As you know, our center has been closed by state mandate since March 16 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Although state restrictions on non-essential businesses are gradually being lifted, it is not clear when and how it will be safe and appropriate for businesses such as ours, with our focus on children learning in close proximity, to reopen.

 After much analysis and thought, Steve and I have decided that the best path forward for the Academy, in light of the new post-virus paradigm, is to give up our physical space and to continue permanently on a 100% virtual basis.

During this closure, importantly, we’ve been able to successfully conduct our enrichment and tutoring programs online. Based on this experience, we’re confident we can provide a wonderful virtual learning center that offers families worthwhile, high-quality, and affordable education programs.

So if you drive by our former offices and see a For Rent sign, don’t worry, we haven’t gone away… we’ve just gone virtual.

Please check out our website for the latest on our virtual programs. And keep an eye out for our email updates… one is coming very shortly, for instance, on our virtual summer programs.

Stay well and best!
Hedy Flanders