Note: During the current shelter-in-place, we have transitioned to virtual tutoring. We now work with students online utilizing readily available virtual technology (FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangout). Please contact us by phone or email for details.

We offer tutoring for all subjects and levels in the following areas:
– language arts
– mathematics
– science
– social studies

We tutor students in all grades 8-12. In addition, we have extensive experience working with college students and with adults who are returning students.

Our tutoring is based on one-to-one instruction tailored to each student’s individual learning style, needs, and goals. All tutoring is by our dedicated staff of skilled, expert, and caring tutors. Notably, our staff includes an expertise in advanced math and science topics, to include calculus, statistics, chemistry, and physics.

Our tutoring program specifically provides:
– careful tracking of a student’s course work and performance in school
– customized assistance for students who need help in mastering key subjects and skills
– expert instruction for students involved in advanced or accelerated courses or learning
– help in the development of student organizational and study skills

We provide specialized tutoring for students preparing for standardized examinations. For more information, see Test Preparation.

We develop and implement an individual tutoring plan for each student. The first step in enrollment for each student is an initial free consultation with our tutoring staff, during which the student’s needs and goals are assessed and addressed. For more information and/or to schedule an initial consultation, please contact the Academy by phone or email.

All tutoring is conducted at the Academy.