Competition, when conducted positively, is a great way to encourage, motivate, and deepen a child’s interest to learn and get better.

We’ve developed competition and development teams that help encourage students’ inquisitiveness through research and hands-on learning. Importantly, being part of a team teaches kids how to work both independently and cooperatively.

Currently, we offer teams in  Chess and Robotics.

Chess Teams

The Chess Competition Team is offered all academic year in three cycles: fall, winter, and spring.  Team members work on improving their chess knowledge and skills as well as starting or improving their USCF ratings through participation in rated tournaments and quads.

Children who are interested in the Chess Team and who are novice or beginner players are encouraged to still register for the team. All new enrollees are required to register for the mandatory 2 hours private training session. These training sessions must be completed prior to the start of each Chess Team cycle. The purpose of the training session is to ensure every new member is up to the minimum chess skills needed to participate.

Robotics Teams

Our Robotics Teams is divided into 3 types: FLL Competition, World Robot Olympiad, and Development.

The FLL Competition team is offered during the competition season in the fall. Thereafter, we offer the Development team which is focused on a deep dive into the robotics missions from the fall competition season.

World Robot Olympiad Team

The World Robot Olympiad Team occurs during the summer with competition in early August. Teams of 2 to 3 members design, build, and program their robots to compete in a robot soccer match. This team is particularly appealing to kids who are all about the robot (in contrast, FLL incorporates research and presentation).

To learn more about these teams, please check out the links above.