Summer STEM+ Courses
Grades K to 8

June 24 to July 19 and August 5 to August 23
Code ~ Minecraft ~ Programming with Roblox ~ Programming Games with Scratch ~ Robotics ~ Sumo Bot Olympics ~ 3D Video GameMaker

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We’re so excited to offer a new camp this summer:  one week intensive Code Camp, July 8-12. Families will have 3 enrollment options: morning session (9:00-12:00), afternoon session (12:00-3:00), or full day session (9:00-3:00).

Your kids will get an in depth understanding of the principles of coding while having fun coding an app. See the description below for more details.

As in the past, our weekly summer courses are for everyone from new beginner to more advanced student as we offer instruction tailored to the individual student’s skill level.

The Minecraft Madness! camp is offered twice daily, one from 9:00-10:00 and again from 11:00-12:00. Campers can take either or both as different maps and themes are offered for each period. 

If your kids are not Minecraft fans, you can choose to register for our alternating Programming with Roblox or Programming Games with Scratch (9:00-10:00) and/or our 3D Video GameMaker (11:00-12:00) camps which are available at the same time as Minecraft.

Our Robotics camp switches every week between our regular curriculum and our Sumo Bot Olympics.

There are no prerequisites for any of our camps and children can take the courses multiple times all summer long as the curriculum will not repeat but rather continue to progress to the next level.

To register for our summer programs, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Sign up for all 3 hours per week and pay a discounted fee of $200!


Code Camp (one week intensive camp, 3 options):

Option 1: Full Day,
9:00-3:00pm, $590
Option 2: 9:00-12:00: Make an Android App, $375
Option 3: 12:00-3:00: JavaScript, $375
Entering  Grades 4-8

code team

The Code Camp is for campers who want to learn the fundamentals of coding and have the opportunity to get their hands “dirty” learning to code an app.

Families have the option to enroll their children in the morning, afternoon, or all day sessions.

The morning session will cover building an Android app using the MIT’s App Inventor software. The afternoon session will involve learning JavaScript and coding a To Do app for the web. Children in the afternoon session should be comfortable typing on the computer as every aspect of the curriculum will involve typing code. Children registered for the all day session will learn both programs.

The week will cover foundational aspects of coding, to include, variables, stings, loops, functions, objects, and Boolean logic (as applicable to each session).

All participants should bring their own laptop to the camp (this encourages them to continue practicing on their own at home). In addition, campers in the morning session should bring their own Android device for ongoing testing of their programming.

All campers are encouraged to bring snacks and drinks. In addition, all day campers should bring their lunch. Children in the all day camp will have a working lunch break.

Minecraft Madness!, $70

All Weeks
Entering Grades K and up in Fall 2019
Register for all 3 hours (9:00-12:00) of camp for $200

Holiday Mini Camp

Calling all Minecrafters! Minecraft is a widely popular 3D video game that lets users explore, construct, create, and interact inside an open and changeable virtual world. Because of its educational potential, Minecraft has evolved into an excellent (and engaging) way for students to learn about computer science, technology, and other STEM-related subjects. If students are already Minecrafters, our summer courses will help to satisfy their love of the game. If they are not familiar with Minecraft, these courses are a wonderful way to get started on developing a digital literacy that will aid them throughout their academic careers. Students do not need a Minecraft account as we use a proprietary curriculum where kids access Minecraft using our accounts and explore and learn in our networked server.

Each weekly course introduces a new world or civilization, with different missions, quests, or challenges. These tasks encourage students to learn, to think strategically, and to work together to accomplish their goals.

Programing with Roblox, $70

programming with roblox

(Weeks 1, 4, 6)
Entering Grades 3 and up in Fall 2019
Register for all 3 hours (9:00-12:00) of camp for $200

Have your child become a coding Ninja this summer!

Kids will learn how to make their own Roblox game, write real Lua code and publish their creations for the real world, perhaps even earn Robux.

Campers are encouraged to have or create their own Roblox account which allows for children to keep and have access to their creations long after they have completed our camp.

Programing Games with Scratch, $70

(Weeks 2, 5, 7)
Entering Grades 3 and up in Fall 2019
Register for all 3 hours (9:00-12:00) of camp for $200


Making video games is such a wonderful way for children to learn to code.

Campers will learn to work with Scratch, a program developed by MIT specifically for kids, to create fun video games that their friends and family will want to play. And, in the process, learn about loops, animation, and sprites.

Robotics, $70

(Weeks 1, 4, 6)
Entering Grades K and up in Fall 2019
Register for all 3 hours (9:00-12:00) of camp for $200

summer robotics

Robots rock (and do lots of other things)! We have a special interest in robotics and conduct our robotics programs throughout the year. Our summer robotics courses are designed both for students who want to start to learn about this fascinating field as well as for students who want to continue to explore the subject in more depth.

Students are introduced to the basics of robotics while working hands-on with various Lego robotic systems, including Boost, WeDo, Mindstorms NXT, and EV3. Students design and construct different robots and then use computers to teach them to move, react, and solve various challenges. Each week there are separate Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced sections for new and returning students.

Sumo Bot Robotics Olympics, $70

(Weeks 2, 5, 7)
Entering Grades 1 and up in Fall 2019
Register for all 3 hours (9:00-12:00)  of camp for $200

Let the games begin! Every other week this summer we are conducting a special course that lets students put their robotics skills to the test in a Sumo Bot Olympics. Students design and build robots using the LEGO Mindstorms NXT system and then have them compete in our Sumo competition. These Sumo Bots need to be able to move on their own around a circular area and to push their opponents out of the ring. There are competition limitations (such as size) that require students to carefully think through the design and construction of their robots. New and beginner students will be able to apply their growing robotics skills to a specific design task, while more advanced students are challenged to construct more sophisticated and capable bots. In the actual competition, there are separate beginner, intermediate, and more advanced sections.

Video GameMaker, $70

All Weeks
Entering Grades 3 and up in Fall 2019
Register for all 3 hours (9:00-12:00) for $200

Become a creator as well as a consumers of video games! Students are introduced to the basics of game development while learning to use Kodu gamemaking software. This software uses a visual programming language designed to be accessible to children and made specifically for creating games. Kodu’s various capabilities enable students to develop and program a wide range of inventive and visually interesting games that are played in a 3-D world. Students draw on these capabilities to design and create their own single-player and multi-player games. Returning students can continue to build upon their existing games or embark on new projects.