Spring STEM+ Courses
Grades K to 8

 Code Academy ~ Minecraft Madness! ~ Robotics

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Spring is finally here … and we have a fun mix of STEM courses ready to spark the curiosity and interest of students in grades K to 8. This spring we are offering 4-week programs of our Code Academy, Minecraft Madness!, and Robotics courses as well as all of our 10-week team programs: Chess, Code, and Robotics Development.

  • April courses run from April 1 to April 26
  • May courses run from April 30 to May 24
  • June courses run from May 28 to June 21

We have again dedicated specific days of the week to each of our courses:

  • Monday: Robotics Development Team (10 weeks)
  • Tuesday: Chess Team, 3D Video GameMaker, Programming with Roblox, and Programming with Scratch
  • Thursday: Code Team, LEGO Robotics
  • Friday: Minecraft Madness!

Click on the different month links for specific course descriptions.

The 10-week team programs can only be registered prior to April.