Think. Build. Solve

For students who want to “ go beyond the build”,  we have an aweSTEM robotics team programs:

Our robotics teams are designed specifically for children who want to work on more involved and challenging projects and participate in fun and exciting activities while continuing to deepen their knowledge of robotics and related STEM (science, engineering, mathematics, technology) fields.

Our FLL team is a member of the FIRST Lego League network of teams and participates in an FLL competition in the fall.

Our World Robot Olympiad team participates in the robot Football (soccer) portion of their competition which is conducted in August.

Our Development team, although not in either of the competitions, focuses on the building and programming involved in the competitions.

Aside from being FUN, there are many benefits of joining a robotics team:

  • learn how to apply STEM concepts
  • develop critical thinking skills and solve problems
  • research and learn about a particular topic
  • work collaboratively with teammates to reach a common goal
  • learn and practice the program’s core values of gracious professionalism and sportsmanship
  • find other like-minded children and begin building a great circle of friends
FLL Competition Day 3



FLL Prep 1