For all of our virtual courses, we will be using the Zoom application to connect with our students. Prior to the start of each course cycle, an email will be sent with the zoom meeting id we will be using for the duration of the course. Also, we will include access information for our specific programs.

Students registered for the Minecraft Madness! course will be provided with our server address (instructions on how to add a new server to your child’s Minecraft account is available below) as well as useful and convenient downloads to help make your child’s Minecraft experience a seamless and fun one!

Zoom Video Conferencing App

Zoom will be used for all of our virtual courses.  Please click on link below for video tutorial:

Minecraft Madness!

Below are instructional links for the steps you need to take to install and purchase Minecraft Java edition on your PC or Mac:

How to sign on to our Minecraft Server:

In order to access our Minecraft server, we must whitelist your child’s Minecraft name, otherwise, he/she will be unable to enter our game.

  • Open Minecraft Java program
  • Before you hit Play, make sure you are in the Latest Version (the version will be different from what’s shown in the photo)
Minecraft Version 1
Minecraft Latest Version
    • Click “Play.” Once the game loads, click  on the “Minecraft Realms” button.
  • You should see the server name, such as in the photo below. Each week, the server name will be updated to reflect the summer camp’s week.
  • If you don’t see the server name, then click on the top area where notifications are sent (see photo below) to access our server.
Minecraft Server
  • Some maps may require you to down load custom resource packs. If you get a message like the one in the photo below, then click yes. In some maps, resource packs are necessary for accessing the various designs of the build.
  • You’re all set!
Minecraft Resource Pack