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Other than the special competition teams, courses are 4 weeks long. To register, click on the Register button next to each course or go to our online Registration page.


Time Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday
4:30-5:30 Code Academy:
Making Video

with Scratch
LEGO Robotics:
5:30-7:00 Robotics Teams Chess Teams Just Added! Minecraft

NEW! Minecraft Explorations! $50

NEW! Minecraft Explorations!
Friday, 11/8 – 12/6 (no class 11/29)
Grades K to 8

minecraft explorations

We’re very excited to offer this NEW Minecraft course, Minecraft Explorations!

This course will use a new Minecraft Education software with the latest Minecraft version (that includes the aquatic update). We have a very limited number of space available for this NEW course, so register early!

Code Academy, $60

April STEM courses

Making Video Games with Scratch
Tuesday, 11/5 – 12/3 (no class 11/26)
Grades 3 to 8

Become a creator as well as a consumers of video games!

Students use the Scratch programming language to learn the basics of computational thinking and video game development which they will then use to make fun games they can share with friends.

LEGO Robotics, $60

Thursday, 11/7 – 12/5 (no class 11/28)
Grades K to 8

lego robotics

Learn to build some amazing robots! (Can you tell our puppy robot from a real dog?)

Students are introduced to the basics of robotics while working hands-on with various LEGO robotic systems, including Mindstorms, Mindstorms NXT, and EV3. Students design and construct different robots and then use computers to teach them to move, react, and solve various challenges.

In this month, kids will build and program robots for the tug-of-war challenge. The competition involves each team’s robot pulling its opponent over the middle line. Strategizing and tinkering the robot’s design will be the emphasis for the course.

Minecraft Madness!, $50

mega tournament

Friday, 11/8 – 12/6 (no class 11/29)
Grades K to 8

Join the Minecraft Madness! Minecraft is a widely popular 3D video game that lets users explore, construct, create, and interact inside an open and changeable virtual world. Because of its educational potential, Minecraft has evolved into an excellent (and engaging) way for students to learn about computer science, technology, and other STEM-related subjects. If students are already Minecrafters, our courses will help to satisfy their love of the game. If they are not familiar with Minecraft, these courses are a wonderful way to get started on developing a digital literacy that will aid them throughout their academic careers.

Both experienced and new Minecrafters are welcome, as each of our monthly courses introduces a new world or civilization, with different missions, quests, or challenges. These tasks encourage students to learn, to think strategically, and to work together to accomplish their goals. Students do not need a Minecraft account as we use a proprietary curriculum where kids access Minecraft using our accounts and explore and learn in our networked server.