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Minecraft Tournament


Summer is such a hectic time but we didn’t want to skip on our monthly Minecraft Tournaments …. so, for July only, a SPECIAL mini tournament!

Have your kids test their Minecrafting skills with other Minecrafters and see if they can outlast their competition.

On Thursday, July 20, we will be holding a special 2-hour mini Minecraft tournament for kids in grades K to 8.

Your children can join their fellow Minecraft enthusiasts in a fun day of gaming, socializing, and prizes!

Registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

To register for the tournament, please click here.

Trophies for top 3 players and take aways for everyone else.

Groups:  Kids will be grouped into appropriate grade groups.
Date/Time: Thursday, July 20: 3:00-5:00pm
Cost: $25

Tournament Set Up:
There are 2 stages to the tournament:

Stage 1 – Creative Build Challenge: The first challenge will test the contestants’ skills in building in Creative mode. It will be a battle of creativity, ingenuity, speed and Minecraft knowledge.

Stage 2 – Survival Challenge: The second challenge will test the contestants’ survival skills, and will be PvP on (Hardcore/Survival) mode.

Tournament Rules:
– Contestants do not need a Minecraft account as we use our own proprietary software.
– Contestants should complete challenge within time specified
– All mechanisms must work at the time of judging
– Good conduct and fair competition is expected from all contestants
– In the event of a tie, a Minecraft tiebreaker trivia round will be conducted