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Minecraft Tournament

Have your kids test their Minecrafting skills with other Minecrafters and see if they can outlast their competition in our FUN Minecraft Tournaments.

Several times each year, we hold a 2-hour Minecraft tournament for kids in grades K to 8.

The tournament schedule for the fall session is:
Friday, September 13, 5:30-7:15pm
Friday, October 11, 5:30-7:15pm

Registration fee includes 2 slices of pizza and juice/water. Children will begin with pizza/juice and then proceed to the two part tournament challenges.

Registration is $40 which includes 2 slices of pizza/juice/water. Children are grouped into appropriate grade groups and trophies are awarded to the top player in each group.

Tournament Set Up:
There are 2 stages to the tournament:

Stage 1 – Creative Build Challenge: The first challenge will test the contestants’ skills in building in Creative mode. It will be a battle of creativity, ingenuity, speed and Minecraft knowledge.

Stage 2 – Survival Challenge: The second challenge will test the contestants’ survival skills, and will be PvP on (Hardcore/Survival) mode.

Tournament Rules:
– Participants do not need a Minecraft account as we use our own proprietary software.
– Children should complete challenge within time specified
– All mechanisms must work at the time of judging
– Good conduct and fair competition is expected from all contestants
– In the event of a tie, a Minecraft tiebreaker trivia round will be conducted

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