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minecraft tournament

We have a special Valentine’s Day Minecraft Tournament!

We offer tournaments sporadically throughout the year and for this winter cycle we’ve timed it for Valentine’s Day, 6:30-8:30.

This is especially nice for parents who want to go out for a special Valentine’s Day date night!

Registration fee includes 2 slices of pizza and juice/water as well as a special Valentine’s Day cupcake.

Children will begin with pizza/juice dinner, proceed with the two part tournament challenges, and finish off with their cupcake dessert during the award ceremony.

Registration is $50 which includes dinner and dessert. Children are grouped into appropriate grade groups and trophies are awarded to the top player in each group, medals to everyone else.

Tournament Set Up:
There are 2 stages to the tournament:

Stage 1 – Creative Build Challenge: The first challenge will test the contestants’ skills in building in Creative mode. It will be a battle of creativity, ingenuity, speed and Minecraft knowledge.

Stage 2 – Survival Challenge: The second challenge will test the contestants’ survival skills, and will be PvP on (Hardcore/Survival) mode.

Tournament Rules:
– Participants do not need a Minecraft account as we use our own proprietary software.
– Children should complete challenge within time specified
– Children should be familiar with playing Minecraft on the PC. If not, we highly encourage you to register them for our monthly Minecraft courses.
– Good conduct and fair competition is expected from all contestants
– In the event of a tie, we will have a pvp playoff.

To register, please go to our Registration page.