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Competitive Robotics Team

The Academy runs 2 robotics competition teams: FLL (FIRST Lego League) and WRO (World Robot Olympiad).

FLL teams participate in late August through end of November. WRO teams participate in early summer through mid August. Both teams will travel to a local tournament.

FLL and WRO hold very different competitions.  In FLL, teams work on new themes each year and must demonstrate not only their robot skills but research, presentation, and cooperation. The WRO teams focus primarily on design, building, and programming their robots to compete in the robot soccer portion of the tournament.

Because these 2 programs focus on different aspects of competition, children can participate in one or both programs.

FIRST Lego League (FLL)

The FLL competition season runs from late August to November culminating in the local level official FIRST Lego League Competition.

During the season, team members are responsible for all aspects of preparing for the upcoming competition. 

robotics team

How is the team organized and run?

We will be hosting 1 team (maximum of 10 students).

In preparation for the FLL Competition, team members research a real-world problem (2019/20 season is called City Shaper where children will explore city life through architecture) and develop a solution that includes designing, building, and programming a robot.

During the season, the team meets once a week for 1.5 hours on Mondays, 5:30-7:00pm.

In these weekly sessions, team members work in small groups to complete (on their own) all aspects of the FLL Competition.

In preparing for the competition, team members develop their presentation skills, as well as their knowledge of robotics and STEM, as they must present their solution (with a dash of creativity) to judges. They also practice FLL core values, which emphasize discovery, teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Team members take great pride in their work. While we coach and guide the teams, all of the work you see displayed in competitions and expositions is done ONLY by the members of the team.

Who can be on the team?

  • children grades 3 to 8
  • in addition, team members must
    • have the maturity to work in a small team
    • be available to participate in the pre season meetings in August
    • be available to participate for a minimum of 10 sessions during the season
    • be available to attend an all-day official FLL Competition in November

World Robot Olympiad (WRO)

WRO is an international non profit organization whose mission is to bring together young people from all over the world for the purpose of competing in challenging and educational robotics competitions.

The organization offers competition in 4 areas in different age groups. We will be participating in the World Robot Olympiad Football competition for children ages 10-19 years.

WRO Football Competition

WRO Football aims, where possible, to reflect the game of human soccer. As such, teams design, build, and program two autonomous soccer-playing robots that chase an infra-red transmitting ball around a WRO size table top field. And, the aim is to kick more goals than the opposition.

One of the unique aspects of this program is that each team must bring their robots disassembled and put them back together as part of the competition.

In addition, unlike the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) competitions, WRO is solely focussed on the robot build and programming.

What’s Involved in Joining the Team?

Each team can have 2 to 3 members. We are planning to field 4 teams of 3 members each … thus, there are only 12 SPOTS AVAILABLE.

Therefore, children interested in participating should have a natural interest in tinkering and building as well as be eager to learn new concepts.

Although prior LEGO robotics experience is helpful, it is more important to have children who are genuinely interested in learning, have the patience and determination to do what’s needed to get the job done, and the maturity and consideration to work well with others.

Registration for the Competition Teams is closed. Please check our Development Robotics Team for upcoming Winter and Spring programs.