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Create … Analyze … Problem Solve …

In this digital age, coding has become an important element in teaching kids foundational literacy skills. It’s important for children to UNDERSTAND the basic technology that surrounds them and be able to innovate with it … which is why we’ve developed the Code Team!

  • Code Team (grades 5 to 8)

For the winter term, children in the Code Team will work within small groups to develop and program an app for the Android using the MIT App Inventor software. Within this framework, kids will learn:

  • the engineering and technological design processes for developing software applications
  • the basics of coding to include fundamental concepts in loops, variables, conditions, etc.
  • the elements of a good, functional app
  • the importance and aspects of user interface

Children will need an Andoid phone or device (the Academy will have one available for general use, but it’s recommended for each child to bring one for the class).

For the spring term, kids will focus on learning javascript and in the process learn how to code a To-Do list project. This will entail learning about:

  • Arrays
  • Functions and Variables
  • Objects
  • Booleans and Loops

We highly recommend that all the students bring their laptop and be able to download software in class.

Information Session

We will be holding an Information Session at the Academy for families interested in learning more about our Code Team. 

Saturday, December 8, 11;30am

RSVP is required (your children are invited as well).

code team


We will be offering the program in 3 separate cycles:
– Fall (October to December)
– Winter (January to March)
– Spring April 4 to June 6

Each cycle will be 10 weeks long for 1.5 hours each meeting.

Registration fee per cycle is $375 which includes a team t-shirt. Children are strongly recommended to continue their training all year for continuity and mastery.

We have a special referral discount of $10 for both the referring and the referred child. If you know of others who would want to participate, please provide the child’s name during the checkout process. Once the referred child registers, we’ll credit both families $10.

Each cycle will involve programming a new app with returning members working on increasingly complex apps.

All fees will be NON-REFUNDABLE.

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