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Chess Competition Team

Have Your Kids Take Their Chess Skills to the Next Level!

For children who are ready to UP their chess skills:

  • Chess Competition Team (grades 3* to 8)

*If you have a child younger than 3rd grade who you think fits into the criteria for this team, please contact us for consideration.

Our Chess Competition Team is designed specifically for students who are looking to take their chess game to the next level. 

Most kids learn chess by participating in group chess courses. Although it’s a wonderful way to learn for new and novice players, these courses are not structured for more experienced players who want to get better …

… which is why we’ve started our Chess Competition Team.

In the Competition Team, your children will:

  • learn and practice more advanced skills, tactics, and strategies
  • get started on or increase their United States Chess Federation (USCF) chess rating
  • participate in the Academy’s once a month rated quad tournaments
  • participate in one travel scholastic chess tournament

Aside from being FUN, there are many benefits of playing chess:

  • develop strategic and decision making skills
  • strengthen attention span and memory skills which contribute to academic performance
  • learn and practice good sportsmanship and the value of good planning and foresight
  • meet other like-minded children and begin building a great circle of friends
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Competition Seasons

The competition team runs year round with 3 separate cycles:

  • Fall – September 10 to November 12
  • Winter – January 7 to March 10
  • Spring (April to June)

How is the team organized and run?

  • During the season, the team meets once a week for approximately 1.5 hours: Tuesdays, 5:30-7:00pm.
  • In these weekly sessions, members prepare for the quad and scholastic chess tournaments by learning and practicing various strategies.
  • Members will be required to record their games which will aid in their chess notation skills as well as post game analysis.
  • Analysis of team members games will be done routinely so that children can learn from mistakes.

Who can be on the team?

  • children grades 3* to 8
  • in addition, team members must
    • become a member (if not already) of the USCF (we can assist in registering your kids on the first day of the training session)
    • have the maturity to understand and implement good sportsmanship
    • be available to participate in both quad and scholastic tournaments
    • new team members must register for two 1-hour training sessions which must be completed prior to the start of the chess team cycle. The training session is an additional $30 each ($60 total). Please contact us to schedule the sessions.

*If you have a child younger than 3rd grade who you think fits into the criteria for this team, please contact us for consideration.


The registration fee for the Chess Competition Team is $340 and covers the following:

  • 10 sessions each cycle
  • participation in up to two monthly Academy Quad Tournament (free to members)
  • team t-shirt and chess notation notebook

Please note the membership fee does NOT include registration fee to the USCF nor the travel scholastic tournament. You will need to be pay these separately.

We appreciate families referring their friends to our program. To show our appreciation, we’re pleased to provide a $10 discount to both families, just provide the name of the child during registration. Once the referred family registers, we’ll retroactively credit you both the $10 credit.

Early bird discount: Register by December 1st and receive $30 off your registration! (Use coupon code: earlybird. This discount only applies to team registration).

All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.



chess competition team